How we arrived at our T-shirts.

Everything is in the nuances, you will read about this further on, but let us start  – put on Willie Nelson’s good old song “On the Road Again”, settle in comfortably and give in to the feeling – you, too, are on your way.

I am on my way.

Approaching my automobile, my eyes caress each detail. Everything seems enlarged – I open the door,

get in,

I let my palms glide over the steering wheel,

along the gear shift,

one more mouthful of coffee, the aroma of which has already filled the car,

then the turn of the key.

The drone of the engine.

The road awaits me.

And the wind is at my back.

I am on my way.

The story of the retro automobile is about details, about nuances – heartfelt and refined. Cared for, cherished, pampered a hundred and a thousand times to continue to bring joy to its owners. Each drive is meeting again and a celebration of togetherness.

This was the birth of extra special shirts, OUR shirts – to dress the part, to be ‘one with the wind’ and your automobile. We gave in to our fantasies about the classic automobile scene in the mid 20th century, made use of a geometric figure language, accenting the race of the 356 toward new challenges.

And yes, we truly are ready for new challenges!

We are on our way.

And you?

Humming along with Willie Nelson “...just can’t wait to be on the road again”, I deeply feel that true joy is in the trip itself rather than the selected destination.

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