This contract is being signed between SIA G & S Pakalpojumi ( (Registration number: 40003882190, legal address: 8, Dravnieku Street, Lielvarde, (further – Company), and physical or juridical person (further – Buyer) who is making a purchase in the Company’s online shop  (further – Online Shop).


Distance contract is a settlement between a Buyer and a Company based on the Company’s offer online. This distance contract concerns all orders that are made in the Company’s online shop.


The distance contract becomes valid as soon as the Buyer has made a purchase online and has received the Company’s confirmation that is automatically generated via e-mail after the order is made. Orders and order confirmation are considered received when they are seen and available for both parties.


Any purchases can be also made without any registration that doesn’t affect accomplishment of contract rules.

To make an order in the online shop:

Please press “buy” on the desirable item.

To order the chosen item please go to basket that is found upper side on the right side of the page. It is possible to go back to the shop and choose more items before going back again to the basket that is found upper side on the right side of the page.

To make an order it is necessary to fill in information about Buyer. To finish processing of an order, you have to agree with the terms of use. Afterwards the button “order” becomes active and when pressing on it, the order is registered. After the order is registered the text saying “Thank you! Your order is saved. We’ll contact you soon.” appears.

You can make an order:

at any time (round the clock) by making your order online;

sending an e-mail to ;

Making an order by phone you have to indicate:

the title of the item;

the price of the item;

name, surname / name of your company;

personal code / company's registration number (also VAT Payer’s number and legal address);

delivery address;

bank’s name;

account number;

phone number;

e-mail address.

Orders are being processed on business days 10 am – 5.30 pm. If the order is made in other time, it will be processed on next business day.

When receiving your item you will also receive a way-bill that will have to be signed to confirm that the item has been received.


It is possible to pay for your online order by:

using online banking system (with a debit issued by credit institution);  

transferring money;

using Citadele Banklink;

using Swedbank online banking system;

using cash when receiving your order.

When the information is filled in an order form, there will be a bill sent to the Buyer’s e-mail that has to be paid before getting the product. All the data will be provided in the bill that will be necessary when paying the bill in an online bank or in the branch of the bank. The order will be considered paid when the Company receives the money in their account. Afterwards the ordered items will be delivered.

When receiving an ordered item a Buyer will also receive a way-bill that will have to be signed to confirm that the item has been received.


Ordered items can be received:

in any of the Company’s shops in the Republic of Latvia chosen by Buyer (shops’ list attached) in the business hours that are indicated in the online shop. Receiving an item in any of the Company’s shops is free of charge.

by direct delivery which is only available in Riga administrative territory according delivery terms and delivery service rates indicated in the online shop. Delivery is made to the street door of the Buyer’s address. Buyer has to take care of unloading and receiving the ordered items. The items are not delivered to addresses where there is no parking allowed, so in that case the Buyer has to point out the closest address/place where parking/stopping is allowed.

by VAS Latvijas Pasts post services (VAT registration number: 40003052790) according VAS Latvijas Pasts delivery terms and delivery service rates indicated in online shop.

by express mail services according delivery service rates indicated in online shop.

Delivery price is not included in an item price!

The Company reserves the right not to deliver the ordered items in case when the Buyer has not paid a bill.

Value Added Tax is included in the prices. Delivery price is not included in the price of an item. Delivery charge may vary depending on delivery location as well as the weight / size / packaging of goods.

The Company is not responsible for subjective qualities of the goods f.e. the content of the books, media, audio/digital recordings etc.!


The guarantee of the goods is provided according to the manufacturer’s guaranty service condition terms, but not less than 2 years.

If during the guaranty period there are claims emerged about the quality of the item, a Buyer can turn to the Company with the item and documents that confirm the purchase. If a defect is found, the Company undertakes to exchange the item to an appropriate product. If a defect is found but is considered to begenerated by the buyer, the product will not be changed.

Guaranty obligations will be canceled if:

the item provided for using in household is used for other needs;

the item was used ignoring the warnings and terms of use;

it is found that there was an inappropriate repairs made to the item;

there were changes made in the construction of an item;

product’s serial number is illegible, has been modified or deleted.

Guaranty will be canceled if damage is found that was created:

by foreign bodies, insects, liquids or other substances getting into the goods;

as a result of natural disasters, fires, and/or accidents.

Buyer’s claims for the quality of the product will be solved in accordance with 1st of August 2006 Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers number 631: “An order in which one applies and expresses a demand on a contract-inappropriate goods or services” requirements.


The Company undertakes to execute the distance contract regulations in the territory of the Republic of Latvia no later than 30 days after receiving an order from the buyer or outside territory of the Republic of Latvia according to the online shop terms (deadlines).

If the Company cannot execute the contract regulations due to lack of the Buyer’s ordered goods, Company informs the Buyer about it. In that case the Company can offer an equivalent product to the Buyer.


In accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia a Buyer can use his refusal rights and unilaterally deviate from the distance contract in 14 days time and return the product to the Enterprise that was bought in the web shop.

The established date of the refusal rights starts on the day when the Buyer has received the product (or a part of the products if the order is completed partially).

The Buyer cannot use the refusal rights if:

the ordered products cannot be returned due to their nature (f. e., hygiene products etc.)

the Buyer has opened any of the product’s wrapping (package).

In accordance with the 6th part of the 12th clause of the Consumer Rights Protection Law the consumer is responsible for keeping the product’s quality and safety in case of using his or her refusal rights during the 14 days time term. The Enterprise keeps its rights to reject the buyer’s refusal rights or to withhold the compensation charge in case when the returned product is damaged, because of being inattentive or ignoring the instructions for use, as well as when the original package of the product is lost or substantially damaged.


When returning the product/s the Buyer has to prove his/her identity by presenting identity documents and showing a document (receipt) that proves the purchase. The product can be returned not later than in 14 calendar days time.


The Company resolves not to reveal and not to betray the information about a Buyer to a third party without a signed written agreement except for the cases when the legislation of the Republic of Latvia or this contract is violated.


By filling in the information in an order form the Buyer confirms that he/she has become acquainted and agreed that the data provided by him/her is used to accept Buyer’s order and to deliver the goods in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. By filling in the information in an order form the Buyer confirms that the messages concerning the order processing will be sent to his/her e-mail.

The seller reserves the rights to inform the Buyer about new products/services or discounts.

Electronically concluded contract regulations are later available (for registered users) and seen in the Company’s website and the Company will store those data.

The descriptions of goods are made after the information given by manufacturer, descriptions and pictures are for information purposes, operational changes are possible. According to the changes instructed by manufacturer the parameters and configuration of the goods can be adjusted.

Any additional information about the products’ availability in stock can be clarified on business days (10 am to 6 pm) by the indicated phone number. If the preferable product is not available the Company will offer an equivalent product or will suggest buying it when it is available again.


The contract becomes valid when the Buyer’s order is made and is valid until the moment when the contracting parties have fully complied with their obligations to each other.


Name:  G & S Pakalpojumi Ltd.

Registration number: 40003882190

VAT Registration number: LV40003882190

Legal Address: 8, Dravnieku Street, Lielvarde, LV-5070, Latvia

Online shop’s bank account:


IBAN: LV32HABA0551015344938

Phone number: +371 29225885