Mini Cooper S
Mini Cooper S

Mr. Bean MINI

The Mini is a small economy car produced by the English-based British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 until 2000. The original is considered an icon of 1960s British popular culture.

Mini Cooper S

Year and country of production: 1998, Great Britain
Chassis number: HBJ8L40223
Motor: 4 cylinder, 1.3 liter, 135 HP gasoline, watercooled
Maximum speed:180km/h

The contemporary Mini is a cult automobile, which is considered not only to be an attractive vehicle but also a British pop culture icon. The aim of the designer of the auto, Sir Alec Issigionis, was, however, totally different – he wanted to create a small, inexpensive and functional automobile with the biggest coupe possible, the lowest gasoline consumption possible and a low price. Combining a crosswise motor construction with front wheel drive, he managed to achieve 80% passenger and baggage space. In 1999 the Original Mini was elected as the second most influential automobile of the 20th century after the Ford T. Until 2000, when the manufacture of the Original Mini at Longbridge was stopped to restart a year later at Oxford under BMW with the New Mini, the automobile experienced seven (!) model generations and 5, 387, 862 automobiles had been produced. Along with the demise of the Original Mini, the 1275 ccm motor also became part of the past. This type of motor was used in Mini automobiles for 35 years. 

Timeline of Mini Production
1959 - Alec Issigonis's two-door saloon car goes into production and is launched in August.
1960 - Austin Countryman and Morris Mini Traveller models introduced.
1961 - Mini Cooper and Cooper S models launched with input from racing car tuner John Cooper
1964 - Utility model, the mini Moke introduced, remaining in production until 1989.
1967 - The gently face-lifted MkII range goes on sale to the general public.
1968 - Mini production at the Oxfordshire Cowley plant ceased.
1969 - Clubman range introduced, including the 1275GT.
1976 - Mini MkIV models launched, with British Leyland already looking at a replacement.
1980 - The A-Series engine was dropped and replaced with the A-plus Metro version.
1981 - The 'Classic' Mini enjoyed its last stint in the top ten list of Britain's best-selling cars.
2000 - Production of the 'classic' Mini officially ended in October.
2001 - The new BMW-produced offering - the MINI One released in July.

Our Mini Cooper S has this type of motor, admittedly with significant improvements. In 1998 this automobile was delivered to the German market, in 2010 it turned up in the Netherlands and since 2016 it has been in Latvia. The Mini Cooper Brooklands, only 600 of which were produced, is such an exciting automobile, that we have not tried to retain the original model, but have improved it with sports car elements. The automobile has adjustable shock absorbers, sports packaging with 13 x 6 inch discs, supplementary head lights, etc. Rebuilding the motor using tuning details has increased the power to 92 HP; that is why this Mini Cooper is a frequent guest at the Bikernieki Raceway.

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