4LIFE 1ltr

€ 8,50
1 l
€ 8,50
1 l

For your classic vehicle, whether in use or in storage, Forlife provides all of the following remarkable benefits:

Advanced Coolant

  • Cooler engine running under pressure in congested traffic
  • Boiling point to a maximum of +180C
  • No coolant loss through evaporation
  • Exceptional heat transfer capability
  • Low density/viscosity for rapid circulation
  • Anti-foam agent prevents engine hot-spots

Do to currier rules, we are not shipping liquids outside EU.

Corrosion Protection

  • Protects cast iron, brass and aluminium engine components
  • PH balanced, no acidic impurities or lime scale
  • Long term protection for cars in use or in storage
  • Eliminates rust, lime scale and acidity
  • Use undiluted unlike water/anti-freeze mixture


  • 10 years or frost protection to -42C
  • Removes need for annual coolant change
  • Preserves rubber cooling hoses for longer service
  • Eliminates lime scale and acidity

PH Colour Indicator

  • Contains a PH colour indicator, “Liquid Litmus” colour change from Red to Yellow in the event of head gasket failure of combustion seal
  • Reusable after rectification 4Life reverts to Red

Due to currier rules, we are not shipping liquids outside EU.

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